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UV-C Disinfectant Trolley

A recently developed, new groundbreaking product is here to combat COVID-19, and keep it out of your business for good. That product is the new UVC Disinfectant Trolley. It was designed and manufactured in response to COVID-19 and its ongoing effect on the business world and even people’s everyday lives and habits.


Simply put, it works to disinfect all kinds of workplaces such as businesses, gyms, restaurants, hospitals, etc. It essentially acts as a "disinfectant robot", controlled by the included remote control or can be fully operated by its motion sensors. The UVC Disinfectant Trolley can work diligently while the room is empty, but once it detects  an individual walking in, it can shut off or “pause” the disinfecting process and re-start again once they leave, allowing for the disinfecting process to continue while  people go about their daily business.

UVC Trolley Visual.png
(3) UVC Trolley Flyer.png
  • Effective in the prevention of Tuberculosis, MRSA, H1N1 and other airborne cross contamination.

  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus problems found in hospitals, schools, food manufacturing plants and offices.

  • Recommended by medical experts.

  • Kills harmful bacteria in closed premises.

  • Reduces asthmatic effects.

  • Eliminates odours and neutralizes the air.

Examples of our trolley at work

UVC Trolley in Jewelry Store.JPG

(in jewelry store)

UVC Trolley in Ambulance.jpeg

(in an ambulance)

UVC Trolley at gymJPG.JPG

(in a local gym)

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