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Destine power server

DESTINE™ Network Lighting Systems is a very unique and simple plug and play system that allows anyone to install energy efficient "intelligent" lighting in their home, or business.


DESTINE™ stands for:


  • Distributed 

  • Energy

  • Storage

  • Total 

  • Integrated

  • Network 

  • Environment


The DESTINE™ Power server is the heart of the platform it provides all functions to the DESTINE family of RJ45 LED panel lighting. It works as the intelligent gateway between the lighting and the power sources IE wind, solar, biomass, or grid power  


DESTINE™ Panel Lights are available in standard sizes 6”by 6” square to 2' by 2' square,  round from 3” to 12” diameters, Mono chromatic, Duo Color warm white to daylight,and RGBW in 24 VDC with RJ45 connector DESTINE and POE compatible


The DESTINE™ network lighting system is both your general lighting system and your emergency lighting system all in one. With it's patened Lithium Ion cells and energy management software you will never be in the dark beacuse when all else fails your wind, solar, fuel cell or utility power the DESTINE™ Power server delivers 90 minutes of light truly the most innovative "intelligent" network lighting systems today.

DESTINE Introduction Part 1

DESTINE Introduction Part 1

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