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seeing is Believing 

Taking Energy Efficient Lighting to the next level ...


 Providing the most cost effective LED Lighting, while revolutionizing the installation and powering throughout. LED Lighting is no longer constrained by the old and typical procedures/looks, instead it's being transformed before your very own eyes. When professionally designed, manufactured and installed properly, our LEDs are not only safer and more visually appealing, but are also much more energy efficient than what else is out there on the market.

Truth be told, it all goes back to our company motto of "Seeing is Believing". See for yourself below by clicking on either the "Who Are We?" button, or feel free to check out our "Case Studies" as well.

Founded in 2012 in Ohio, LED Lighting IQ now has additional offices in Tennessee, Rhode Island and Ontario. Since our inception, we have specialized in both the design/build and retrofitting processes in Extreme Efficient Solid-State Lighting (EESSL) design. All of our systems are fully compatible with today’s renewable and alternative energy sources.


Our designs have transformed a wide array of property types, including stadiums and sports facilities, industrial settings, hospitals and health care facilities, hospitality centers and hotels, restaurants, parking structures, government projects, retail centers, educational spaces, warehouses and much more.


Not only have we been able to provide our customers with an outstanding product with an extraordinary operating life that’s far in excess of traditional lighting, but our products allow our customers to realize a savings in excess of 75% of their lighting costs and a reduction of as much as 92% in their power demands. In fact, our customers generally see a complete return on their initial investment (ROI) in less than two years. We have saved our clients millions of dollars annually while reducing carbon emissions along the way.

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